Canada 2007 Highlights
Best  In Show - Elgin Kennel Club, Jan. 19th - Don Fitzsimmons
Group First - Elgin Kennel Club, Jan. 20th - Leslie Chalmers
Group First - Elgin Kennel Club, Jan. 19th - Pat Fitzsimmons
Group First - Wildewood, Feb. 2 - Maida Puterman
Group First - Wildewood, Feb. 4 -Dave Markus
Group First - Purina National, Mar. 10th - Virginia Lyne
Group First - Nickel & District, Mar. 29 - Joy Hodgkinson
Best  In Show - Nickel & District, Mar. 29th - Peter Lapointe
Group First - Kitchener Waterloo, May 20 - Barbara Watt
Group First - Monarch, June 17 - Dr. Harry Smith
Group First - Hamilton, June 23 - Pat Lanctot
BOS - ESCC Regional Specialty, June 23 - Virginia Lyne
Group First - Sarnia Kennel Club, July 6th - Ed Wild
Group First - SD&G, Aug. 24 - Skip Stanbridge
Group First - SD&G, Aug. 26 - Pat Brenner 
BOS - OVASA Specialty, Aug. 25 - Peter Frost
Group First - Essex, Sept. 2 - Skip Stanbridge
Group First - PineRidge Kennel Club, Sept. 29 - Jan Buchanen
Group First - Wine Country, Oct. 7 - Ed Bajona
Group First - Georgina, Nov. 11 - Lowell Davis
Group First - United Kennel Club, Nov. 24 - Max Magder
71 Group Placements to Dec. 29th

USA 2007 Highlights
Jan. 11 -  Niagara Falls Kennel Club - Group 2 - Judge Jack Ireland
Feb. 10 - Hudson Regional Specialty - Award of Merit - Judge Judy Webb
Feb. 11 - ESAA Regional Specialty - 1st Award of Merit - Judge Jim Reynolds
Feb. 13 - Westminster Kennel Club - 1st Award of Merit - Judge Mary Ann Alston
Oct. 12 - ESAA National Specialty - 1st Award of Merit - Judge Edd Bivin


Highlights 2007 - #1 ES/#5 Sporting Dog Canada

Oliver had a another successful year in 2007 in Canada and the USA.

In Canada, Oliver did one or two shows a month. He started out with a bang winning BIS #7 at Elgin under judge Don Fitzsimmons, at the first show day of the year, followed by 1st Award of Merit at the ESAA Regional Specialty in New Jersey and First Award of Merit at Westminster under judge Mary Ann Alston. WATCH OLIVER’S AND WILLIAM’S SYNCHRONIZED FOOTWORK IN


#8 BIS came in May at Sudbury in March under judge Peter LaPointe.

Oliver had 71 group placements in 2007, including multiple G1’s.

Highlights were winning the Group at the first ever Purina National in Canada with Monica Park and

BOS at the ESCC National and OVASA

Specialties, and in our first ESSA

National Specialty - 1st AOM under judge Ed Biven with an entry of over 80 specials!!!

Ollie finished the year #1 English Setter and #5 Sporting dog (Canada)in limited showings.

Oliver won the prestigious English Setter of the Year Award for Canada

for the 3rd year running, and Best Canadian Award in the USA for the 2nd year in a row.

See awards page for more details.

BIS #7 - Elgin
1st AOM - Westminster
1st AOM ESAA National